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YOSHI AMAO Biography

Photo by Antonio M. Rosario

Since arriving in New York from Nara, Japan, in 1990, Yoshi Amao has been entertaining audience as an actor, emcee, and samurai martial artist.


After studying under the samurai master, Tahei Waki, Yoshi formed a unique performance group, Samurai Sword Soul  (SSS) in 2003. He has been seeking for the spirit of samurai and ultimate sword fighting, and performing all over the world.


As a samurai artist, he was cast for the main role of the TV series, "Samurai Sportsman" (OLN, 2003) and invited as a guest for "The late night with Conan O'Brien" (NBC, 2004), Monday Night Football Promo. Also performed the main role, “Rogue” of  "Deadly She-Wolf, Assassin at Armageddon!" at Japan Society NYC, 2005 in Mandell Theater, Philadelphia in 2006, and La MaMa Theater in 2013, which was highly acclaimed as an actor and a co-choreographer by New York Times.


On the other hand, he has been hosting a lot of events and game shows on TV in US and Europe such as "Big In Japan" for Greece, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal in 2008-2009, and “Japanizi Going Going Gong” (Disney XD) in 2013. He also has been emceeing the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri as well as Washington DC.


Yoshi also has been doing a lot of voice over works for TV/Radio programs, commercials, and corporate videos, etc.


My Daughter Yoshiko                      Hideyo                     7 awarded in Film Festivals, Brian Blum, Dir.

Nippon FM 92.1                               DJ  Nao                                   Takeru Thile

The Beaver                                        Japanese Businessman #1     Jodie Foster, Dir.

Beneath Fiery Skies                         Ichii                                         Cannes Film Festival, Nick and Adam Hayes, Dir. 

An Ideal Marriage                           Yoshiro Watanabe                  Ted Sharks, Dir.

Save the underprivileged                 Photographer Yoshi               Ted Sharks, Dir.

Ordinary Days                                  Yoshi                                        Takashi Horie, Dir.

A Man Full of Days                          Good Samaritan                      Enrico Cullen, Dir.

8:46                                                    Ken Yoshida                             Jennifer Azano, Dir.

Ai                                                        Yoshizo     (Principal)              Raffi Asdourian, Dir.

A Samurai’s Story                             Genzo (Principle)                    Ittisak Eu-A.(NYFA), Dir.

Sleepy Heads                                      Shun(a.k.a. Snakey Mao)      Yoshifumi Hosoya, Dir.

Labor Pains                                        Father (Day Player)               Tracy Alexson, Dir.

Father of Mine                                   Shiro Shimura (Principal)     Aaron Mcfarlane, Dir.



SHOGUN                                        Sera (Guest Star)                        FX, Emmanuel Osei-                                                                                                                              Kuffour, Dir.

Mr. Robot                                        Limousine Driver                       USA, Sam Esmail, Dir.

Blacklist                                           Cab Driver                                  NBC

Billions                                             Samurai                                       SHOW       

White Collar                                    Eye Patch (Chinese Gangster)     USA

Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon          Opening Host  (April fool Prank) NBC 

Samurai Sportsman                        Main (TV Series/13 Episodes)      OLN, Rob Fruchtman, Dir.

Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien        Myself (Guest)                               NBC

Monday Night Football Promo      Samurai (Main)                             ESPN

Shinobi Girl                                     Samurai Spirit                               Hulu, John Sirabella, Dir.

MTV2 Promotion Video                 Traditional & Modern Samurai  MTV2

Today Show                                      Samurai Performer                      NBC

Saturday Night Live                        Waiter for Halle Berry                 NBC

NewsInterviews                                SamuraiMaster                             ABC/NY1/FOX TV




Made in Japao                                Co-Host for Sabrina Sato             RecordTV(Brazil), Eugenia Ruggeri, Dir.

Japanizi Going Going Gong          Main Host                                      Disney XD, Rene Dowhaniuk, Dir.

Big in Japan                                    Main Host (4 countries)                Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Denmark

Cherry Blossom Festival                Main Host (since 2003)                 Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Washington DC, 


Memorial Ceremony for 911         Main Host                                       Japan Society

JAM(Japan Arts Matsuri)             Main Host                                      Theater for the New York City

Ramen Contest                               Main Host                                       Japan Street Festival     

NY Cross-Industrial Party            Main Host                                       Janet, G-Labo

Quiz Show at Atlanta                    Main Host                                       TV Japan

MBS Midnight Club                      Radio Personality                          MBS Radio, Japan



Chushingura 47 Ronin                 Okado Denpachiro           A.R.T./New York Theatres

                                                               Arai Kageyu, Nakamura

Deadly She-wolf Assassin             Rogue (Main)/                  La MaMa Theater, Sonoko Kawahara, Dir.

   at Armageddon                           Choreographer                Japan Society (NY) & Mandell Theateer

Utsuyo Kakuryo                             Izo Tachibana                 Theater HERE               

Gekiryu                                           Toshimitsu                      Theater DNA

Scattered Lives (Fringe NYC)      Genji                                The Robert Moss Theater

The Soul of Samurai                      Masayuki Sasa                Miller Theater, Columbia Univ., Tahei Waki, Dir.

The Karaoke Show                        Angelsan                          Project 400 (Off Broadway Show)

Cannibal the musical!                   Indian Chief                    Saturday Player Production

NY Nippon Republic                     Main (5 Roles)                Jane Street 2R

Target Free Thursday                          David Rubenstein Atrium of Lincoln replica rolexCenter
An Evening with Samurai                   Embassy of Japan, WDC, 

The first Japanese Delegation 1869    Museum of the City of New York

Cherry Blossom Festival                     Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Washington DC, Branch Brook New                                                                      Jersey, Mill River Park Stamford, Atlanta, Springfield, Cansas                                                                      City, MO, etc.                     


                                                               All  of them were done by Samurai Sword Soul.

                                                               For more info, Click HERE


Second Generation Concert               Chorus                                   Carnegie Hall

Amateure Night                                   Comedy Rapper                    Apollo Theater




Our Cartoon President                 Shinzo Abe                      Show Time
Challengers                                    Narrator                          NHK Cosmomedia
NHK Special                                  Narrator                          NHK
New Yorkers                                  Narrator                          NHK-BS
NBA Fastbreak                              Narrator/Reporter         TV Asahi                                       Corporate Videos                          Narrator                          Polo Ralph Lauren, Microsoft,
eLearning                                   Narrator                       Harley-Davidson, Census, etc.
TV/Radio Commercials                Narrator                         AT&T, Japan Airlines, KDDI,                                                                                                      etc
Acting                                           Meisner Technique                            Gushee & Anania Studio
Samurai Sword Fighting             Waki Style                                          Tahei Waki
Karate                                           World Seido Karate                           Tadashi Nakamura
Kendo/Iai (Eishin Hasegawa)     New York Kendo Club                       Noboru Kataoka
Japanese Classic Dance               Fujima Style                                        Souke Fujima
Speech                                           Basic                                                    Geddeth Smith        
Singing                                          Basic                                                    Tanya Crist                                
Samurai Sword Fighting (Tate) CHOREOGRAPH & PERORMANCE
Iai (Hasegawa Eishin Ryu)
​Kendo/NewYork City Need Club Shodan (1st Dan) 
Karate/World Seido Karate 4th Degree Black Belt (4 Dan/Sensei)
Stage Combat
Voice Over (Japanese Narration for TV, Radio, Corporate Video, eLearninig, Audio books,etc)
Sports (Horse back riding, Golf, Tennis, Baseball)
2010 - present
2010 - present
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