Samurai Sword Fighting Class


Peridance Capezio Center
126 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003


Open to All Levels. Beginners are welcome!
No Reservation is required





@ Battery Dance Studio

380 Broadway 5th Floor, New York NY 10013 

Fee: $20 Cash Only

​Intermediate to Advanced Levels

Reservation is needed:



This is the Sword Fighting Class of Samurai Sword Soul Style, which is based on centuries-old traditional sword fighting from Japan, Waki ryu, and the essence of kendo, iaido, karate and kabuki dance.


First, you will learn very basic sword techniques such as walking, gripping, breathing, cutting, and stances. Then, you will use all of these techniques in the combination activity. Also, you will learn some forms (KATA), which you synchronize with other samurais.


Next, you will move on to the practical part, including the sword contacts with others as offense and defense. You will learn the sword technique of stopping, bouncing, dodging, parrying, sliding, cheating, etc. We may do kakari keiko (one vs multiple), one on one, depending on the situations.


Finally, choreographies will be done.

From beginners to experienced students,

everyone will join the fighting scenes as

one on one or one on multiple with music 


It’s fun, but you have to stay highly focused

on watching, memorizing and performing.

It is a very good training for anybody

to strengthen the concentration.









Once you build your foundation, you will experience more and more exciting choreographies. Soon you will be able to recognize Samurai Sword Fighting not only as BUDO (a martial art), but also as beautiful PERFORMING ARTS.


If you are looking for some exercises to improve your concentration and discipline, or if you are looking for the additional technique for your performing arts, dance and acting, this is the right place for YOU!!

Beginners are always welcome!!


Special Samurai Workshop

We are having Special Samurai Workshop, and Samurai Performance upon your requests for Corporate event, School event, Group, Family, Kids birthday party, etc.

Please contact me. We will arrange the best samurai activity for you!


Samurai Boot Camp!

Samurai Boot Camp! is a totally new type of exercise which combines a great fitness workout with traditional Japanese samurai sword fighting techniques. 

We use soft, lightweight foam swords, so you don’t have to worry about any injuries and can swing your sword as fast as you can! 

First, you will learn to execute the basic Samurai sword cuttings and stepping techniques.

Next, you will try the attacking practice (Kakari Keiko), which many attackers attack one main person one after another. The main person blocks attackers’ offense with various ways depending on the level. You are required concentration, endurance, and instantaneous force.

Then, you will try the choreographed movement. 

Also, you can try our Standard Demonstration with music together.

It’s only 90 seconds, but if you repeat it couple of times, you will realize it is hard!


It is very casual, energetic and fun exercise. You will be healthier, happier and having better shape after the class!

Can you survive Samurai Boot Camp!?

Class is held upon your request

If you like a group lesson, or performance including workshop for the party, event, please contact us at